“Making Silicon Nanowire Battery Technology Ready for Commercialization: Materials, Processes & Components” presented in Washington, DC conference

Washington DC, 12:00 pm November 1, 2014 – Capital Hilton

Dr. Yimin Zhu, the CTO of OneD Material (Palo Alto, California), is presenting data resulting from his team intense R&D work over about a decade toward the development of a novel anode material for Lithium-ion batteries. The 10th Annual Knowledge Foundation conference attracts researchers from around the world to present the latest advances in Lithium battery technologies.

Silicon anode materials have attracted increasing attention as an optimal solution for lithium-ion batteries though there are challenges relating to volume expansion, cycling stability and cost effective material production. Anode electrode thickness has become a dominant factor for today’s graphite-based high energy density batteries, which desires new, stable, higher capacity anode materials.

Dr. Yimin Zhu breaks down the components of high performance battery and highlights OneD Material’s progress on its silicon nanowire–carbon SiNANOde™ material designed to enable higher energy density in state-of-the-art batteries.  SiNANOde™ enables more than 50% increase in cell energy density while maintaining good cycling stability. Further, he shows that the technology and the manufacturing process is scalable, cost effective and ready for commercialization.

About OneD Material LLC

OneD Material is a company dedicated to bringing disruptive inventions related to nanowires to market, by collaborating with top universities and industrial partners and improving these inventions to meet market requirements. Once proven, OneD transfers the production processes to be scaled up by licensed industry partners. On-going R&D ensures that a leading edge technology road map continues to meet future challenges and the needs of new market segments. For more information, visit www.onedmaterial.com

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